He later changed his name to Liantinis to honour his village. He graduated in from the University of Athens curriculum of Philosophy and worked as a teacher. He moved to Munich in to study the German language, where he remained until while at the same time teaching at the Greek school of Otto Gesellschaft. In he married philosophy professor Nicolitsa Georgopoulou, with whom he had a daughter, Diotima, who is currently a professor at the faculty of Social Theology of the Theological School of the University of Athens.

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It was first published in Greek in The English translation was published in Deals with the Gemma referring to a star in the constellation Coronae Borealis is a collection of sixteen interrelated lyrical essays dealing with poetry, philosophy, education, science, the nature of tragedy, religion, life, eros and death.

Deals with the myth of Faust and how one ought to explore questions about the existence of God. Is about the importance of the discovery of the expansion of the universe by Edwin Hubble and about beauty in nature. Concerning Circe Onan and Cain Starting with the Biblical figures of Onan and Cain, he explores two contrasting world-views: the ancient Greek and the ancient Jewish and assesses their impact on Western civilization.

In parallel, he explores the complementary concepts of Eros and Death. He who slept with men Explores the nature of Socratic tragedy. Provides an interpretation of the myth of the Cyclops from the Odyssey and peels away the layers to reveal a set of instructions for how one should live out their lives. The Hellenic Greek Attempts to assess critically the difference between the quality of the civilization of ancient Greece and the status of modern Greece in the world today.

This is Missolonghi! Is arguably one of the more poetic chapters. An investigation of the life of the pre-Socratic philosopher Empedocles leads to an analysis of the ancient Greek attitude towards death. A minor arbiter Revisits the descent of Ulysses into the underworld Nekyia. The nekyias of Aeneias, Jesus, Dante and Freud are then laid out and described in some detail and their common features are identified and analysed.

Helen of Sparta Deals with the myth of Helen of Troy. This is then used as a basis to talk about beauty in life, reason and nature. God is dead Deals with the crisis of western civilization.

The Ironists Discusses the true nature of tragedy. A lyrical journey through the constellations of the night sky. A parallel journey from ignorance and fear to knowledge and delight.


Dimitris Liantinis

Shaktimuro You can hear him weave his elaborate tales and his words may bind you, like furtive looks by eyes of black or blue can captivate, when you know next to nothing or when you know almost all there is to know. The nekyias of Aeneias, Jesus, Dante and Freud are then laid out and described in some detail and their common features are identified and analysed. Because the terrible difference was that the poets, who so much resembled the truth, only lied. And it goes like this….


«Gemma» by Dimitris Liantinis (1942-1998)


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