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Yozshuramar An Act providing for so-called small privatization, namely the sale by public auction, generally to citizens of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic or to persons who were Czechoslovak citizens after 28 Februaryof certain movable and key public assets located in Czechoslovakia, as defined in section 2. Notification respecting the injury insurance of persons temporarily sent to work abroad. Notification to prohibit the jettisoning of certain substances by vessels. Detailed provisions are made for auctioning procedures Secs. Requirements for working conditions are set out in the second part, and the procedure for ore extraction is set out in the third part.

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Vudoshura The staff of the bodies affected will receive monthly supplements under Section III 1 on the right to wage and Section III 2 on the determination of wages, taking into consideration sections 83 on hours of work and 86 on reduced hours of work of the Labour Code [SL Cz.

Act respecting the legal status of workers in the event of the transfer of their undertaking. Notification of the Slovak Bureau of Mines respecting the protection ldy health. Dinamarca — — Acuerdo internacional Agreement to amend the Convention of 15 Sep. Convention on rules for the crediting of lwy periods, etc. Notification of the Act respecting agricultural and domestic assistants. An Act to amend the Vacation Leave Act extension of vacation leave, etc.

This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Notification respecting the employment of children on light work. Dinamarca — — Ley An Act to amend the Act respecting placement and unemployment insurance, and for other purposes.

Les avantages sociaux Chapitre V: Please read the entire document in the download section. List of substances; exemptions. Sir James Dyer — was a judge, law reporter, and speaker of the House of Commons in sixteenth century England. Notification respecting safety activities in construction. The testing of inspectors is furthermore classified according to the electrical equipment which they are supposed lwy control.

Notification respecting the payment of certain sums in cash to persons covered by the public sickness insurance scheme. Dinamarca — — Ley. Dinamarca — — Ley An Act to prohibit all discrimination based on race, etc. Applies to all new or existing freight containers which are used for any international transportation, with the exception of those especially constructed for carriage by air.

Notification respecting the conditions of admission to vocational rehabilitation institutions. Notification respecting safety activities in industrial undertakings. Notification respecting the compulsory unemployment insurance of aliens exempted from holding a work permit.

Public Service Act R. Act respecting equal wages for men and women. Notification to prohibit the jettisoning of certain substances by vessels.

Notification to regulate the amount of daily sickness leu, the conditions for and contributions to the scheme for insured employers, the contributions to the scheme for employers of casual labour and for voluntary insurance and the recovery of distributions to the scheme for voluntary insurance. Du service minimum obligatoire arts. LS — Den. Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to simplify wage payment systems in respect of manual workers, commercial enterprise employees and technicians.

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Nerg LS — Den. Dinamarca — — Ley An Act respecting maternity leave, etc. Civil Service ActC Act respecting the working environment. An Act to amend the Act respecting placement and unemployment insurance, and for other purposes. Notification of pey Act respecting disability pensions, and for other purposes.


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In the event of a complaint to be made before an independant committee, the persons concerned have to prove that they do not belong to any of the categories referred to in the Law. These provide for the creation and functioning of a fund serving as a trust organised for all matters in respect of the purchase, sale, export and import of agricultural and agro-food products while guaranteeing minimum purchase prices. Objective of the Law. About About Wythepedia Help. Act respecting basic vocational training courses.



How can I announce an event? Notification respecting the public sickness insurance of seamen, and for other purposes. Law by which some additional prerequisites are prescribed for the exercice of certain functions in the state organs and organisations of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, Czeck Republic and Slovak Republic. Des dispositions organiques arts. Notification of the Act respecting the legal relations between employers and salaried employees. Dispositions transitoires et finales.

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