Panero, creo, no le deja un solo pelo a la lengua de sus palabras. Soy tan inteligente como Nieztsche. Donde vivo, en el quinto mundo a mano derecha, los locos entran y salen del sanatorio, se confunden en las calles, forman parte de la sociedad, la que les anima a compartir sus proyectos en el manicomio local. La gran frase, locos de atar, ha quedado totalmente obsoleta donde vivo. Es una feria de idiotez erigida en la suprema causa perdida.

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His anti-Francoist extremism will constitute the first of his disasters and will cost him his first stay in prison.

His first experiences with drugs date back to those youth years too. From alcohol to heroin, to which he would dedicate an impressive collection of poems in , none of them remains unknown to him.

Nevertheless, his constant internments do not prevent him from developing a copious bibliography not only as a poet, but as a translator, essayist and even narrator. In this poetry book, the melancholy of his childhood myths goes parallel with a passionate experimentalism. Last River Together Ayuso, Dioscuros Ayuso, Danza de la muerte Dance of death Igitur, Heroin and other poems -bilingual edition- translated by Zachary de los Dolores Cardboard House Press, His narrative work includes: En lugar del hijo Tusquets, , fantasy short-stories compilation.

Palabras de un asesino Words of a murderer , Ediciones Libertarias, Prueba de vida. In one or another way, all his pages, even his translations, are autobiographical.

In fact, the keys to his work are self-contemplation and self destruction. Nevertheless, as Pere Gimferrer already pointed out in , the theme of his poetry "is not the destruction of adolescence: it is its triumph, and the destruction and disintegration of the adult conscience with it". To liberate adolescence like emotional energy, creating an own mythology, not official, it is the assumed attitude by Panero from the very beginning. He died 5 March at the age of It is a good text in which to find all the characteristics of his poetry.

The first thing that can be seen in this poem are the culturalist elements that appear in a more or less explicit form: The title, of clear cinematographic evocation. And a bottle of rum! Installed in Hollywood he will become the lover of an autumn star. The contradiction to Larra To write in Spain is not to cry. The reference to the European philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Secondly the many repetitions of words, syntactic structures, more or less complete verses.

Finally, the different themes that appear in the poem should be pointed out: the autobiographical, the blaspheming, the life as a dream, the anti-Spainism not in vain, one of his poetry books is entitled "Against Spain and other poems of no-love" , the damnation ruin is so beautiful , as well notions of mental illness and pop culture.

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"Himno a Satán", de Leopoldo María Panero



Poemas del manicomio de Mondragón


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