Indeed, there are many who have never left the province in which they were born; contented crofters tilling the land, tending orchards or raising sheep, never venturing further than the nearest market. Betimes, I envy them. Already, as a young man, I have gone further than I could have imagined as a boy daydreaming in the Sanctuary of Elua where I was raised. It did not begin by choice — as all the world knows, I was abucted by Carthaginian slave-traders, sold into slavery in Menekhet, and from thence taken to the land of Drujan, ruled by a madman who consorted with a dark and ancient god.

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All the stars! I was hoping for a strong finish to this trilogy and I was not disappointed. This final book in Imriels story starts moments after the last book ended and it was an exciting, moving conclusion to his journey. Love as thou wilt, Blessed Eluas precept commands us. We hadnt dared. We took the sensible route and waited. Wed feared to throw the realm into turmoil. Well and so, it happened anyway. Imriel and Sidonie, both bearing the guilt of those lost due to My favorite of the trilogy!

Imriel and Sidonie, both bearing the guilt of those lost due to their fear of wholly committing to their love, have decided to forge ahead with their relationship. But Imriel and Sidonie are not to be dissuaded this time. Their love has survived time, distance, magical bindings, the affections of others, sorrow, and guilt. The scars of the country run too deep. So Ysandre sets Imriel with a special task, one meant to prove his loyalty and worthiness in the minds of his harshest critics.

Imriel and Sidonie I loved Sidonie in this. We got a taste of her fortitude and maturity in the last book, especially in the last third or so, but she really shines in this one. Even as Imriel sets the wheels in motion to accomplish his great task, the city of Elua is able to enjoy a sense of peace. That soon ends when the newly appointed General from Carthage, a self-styled Prince, arrives at the capital City Of Elua, along with his entourage, seeking audience with the Queen.

He comes bearing gifts, offers for political alliance, and the chance to view a once in a lifetime celestial event. Today I would surrender everything. The bulk of the book is about Imriel setting out to save his love and his country. While I loved Phedre and Joscelin in the original trilogy, I always felt that Joscelin had to bend more to accommodate Phedre than the other way around. And the best part? I wanted more of Imriel.

I wanted more of Sidonie. I wanted to see more of Phedre and Joscelin wandering around in the background. I just wanted…more. But, alas, this is the end and what an end it was. Despite my desire for more adventures, I feel that I got the closure I needed. My heart is full.

It was all done in love.


Kushiel’s Mercy Chapter One

This was changed for continuity and branding. Alternate history[ edit ] In the series, the Roman Empire called the Tiberian Empire had fallen due to internal conflict instead of the Barbarian Invasions and the Germanic peoples were kept at bay to the east of the Rhine called Rhenus with its Latin name. Paul the Apostle did not live to form Christianity and followers of Jesus called Yeshua ben Yosef live as a sect of Messianic Judaism known as the Yeshuites. An offshoot from Yeshuites, led by a descendent of Jesus and his angel companions, had made its foothold in Gaul after a long period of exile and persecution.


Kushiel's Mercy


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