I am on the lookout. We were very privileged to receive a promotional copy of the first Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition adventure module, entitled Keep on the Shadowfellwhich comes shadowefll a small set of quick start rules as an introduction to the yet-to-be-released edition of the game. Similar Threads Character sheet request Plowing through minions — they add a nice scale to battles, and are quite effective and not to be completely ignored, but also provide the players with the satisfaction of wading through monsters. Homebrew Keep on the Shadowfell character sheet scans — Page 9 Backstabber Feat Sneak attack damage is d8s instead of d6s. Szonye Post by Justisaur Post by decalod85 The fighter critted a kobold, but it did not die since it had around 36 HP leftand he was very disappointed. Sunday, 19th August, The basic rules themselves are very similar to everything you know from 3.

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Stealth should be Thievery should be Missing Class Feature: Ritual Casting. In the full version of the rules, Clerics get the Ritual Caster feat for free. Rituals are beyond the scope of the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure I feel, and are not necessary to complete it. Positioning Strike only deals 1 times weapon damage. To attack with the Quarterstaff, the Wizard would need both hands free, so he could not be holding anything else besides the staff typically the Wand implement.

He can hold the staff and the Wand at the same time, but only use the Wand implement for his Wand of Accuracy ability. I will not reproduce these here, but if you want you can add those in. In the full version of the rules, Wizards get the Ritual Caster feat for free. The Tiefling Warlord character seems to have used the Method 2: Customizing Ability Scores method for stat generation see PHB page 17 whereas the other characters appear to have only used the Method 1: Standard Array method of stat generation.

The Customizing method can result in the same scores as the Array method, so you could also take it as all the other characters also used the Customization method, but simply chose the same stats as the Standard Array Defenses: Reflex Defense should be 15, not Note: This assumes the Warlord is using his shield.

If he takes it off to use his crossbow fully then it will be He might not grant himself the bonus to initiative if he is unable to see and hear himself, but if that is the case, combat has probably been going on for a while already.

Steel Monsoon: There seems to have been some confusion with where the Int bonus should have gone. Click to expand He is wearing Chainmail they call it chain armor for some reason which reduces speed to 5. At level 2, the Temp. HP that could be granted will increase to 2. Healing Word: There is not really a mistake, however, make sure that when using the Healing Word the player adds 3 to the amount healed due to his Healing Lore class feature.

Skills: Arcana skill should be denoted as Trained, and not Athletics. The Arcana skill bonus reinforces this, and Athletics is not even an option for a Cleric to train by default. Javelins would deal more damage and be more accurate based on the high Strength this Cleric has, so it is up to the DM to switch whether the Cleric has a Crossbow or Javelins he will find plenty of Javelins though.

Level 2 feat: Skill Focus. Note: Specifically, this is Skill Focus Heal. This explains many of the differences compared to the Warforged entry in the Monster Manual. Hit Points: The Warforged Paladin should have 29 hit points, not Several calculations relating to HP are wrong.

Level 1: Increase HP to Increase Bloodied value to Increase Healing Surge value to 7. Level 2: Increase HP to Increase Healing Surge value to 8.

Level 3: Increase HP to Increase Healing Surge value to Speed: Should be speed 5. See note on Defenses. To achieve an AC of 20 however, and by the skill check penalties he takes, we can assume that he is wearing Plate Armor and using a Heavy Shield the heavy shield also explains his Reflex defense.

If he is armored like that, then you need to change his speed to 5, because he is using Heavy Armor. Even if it was an attached component, there is nothing about reducing speed penalties for armor, only the encumbrance from weight. Gear: Equipment list was not provided for this character. However, the character apparently has Plate Armor, Heavy Shield, Battleaxe, and Javelin presumably 3 like the Dragonborn, but at least 1.

Holy Strike: Not an error with the power itself, but see below about the Ability Scores. Warforged Resolve encounter power. Not an error, but a note: This character uses the version of Warforged Resolve from the article Playing Warforged. This version of Warforged Resolve is not the same as appears in the Monster Manual. Keep in mind though that a Paladin can only use one of these in a single encounter: once he uses one, the other cannot be used during the encounter, but the next encounter he can choose again.

Level 2 Feat: Weapon Focus. Note: Specifically, this is Weapon Focus for Axes. Ability Scores: The scores themselves are correct. I have no plans to go over the entire adventure.


Keep on the Shadowfell Character Errata Thread

They attack the player characters who are also traveling to Winterhaven. When the player characters arrive at Winterhaven, they are asked to clean out the kobold nest. The player characters soon discover that the kobolds are pawns of Kalarel, a priest of Orcus , Demon Prince of Undeath. Kalarel has a lair at a nearby ruined keep that contains the Shadow Rift, once a gateway to the Shadowfell and is no longer in use.





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