Synopsis[ edit ] Sultana Sadiya Siddiqui , a small town prostitute and her pimp Khudabaksh migrate to the metropolis bringing with them their dreams and meagre belongings. Initially she is bewildered by the crowds and pace of the city. With the help of Anwari a madam or perhaps a witch she learns how to find her bearings. As she further encounters the city and its inhabitants new perspectives open up - sad, comical, ironical but always mysterious. Sultana goes about her bright and artful seductions but somehow misses her targets. Her business collapses.

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Early life[ edit ] Saadat Hassan Manto was born in Paproudi village of Samrala , in the Ludhiana district of the Punjab in a Muslim family of barristers on 11 May He was ethnically a Kashmiri and proud of his Kashmiri roots.

It was here that he met writer Ali Sardar Jafri and found a new spurt in his writing. His second story, "Inqlaab Pasand", was published in Aligarh magazine in March What he saw then around him had a profound impact on his writings. He continued to write short stories and his next short story collection Dhuan Smoke was soon out followed by Manto ke Afsane and his first collection of topical essays, Manto ke Mazamin.

This period culminated with the publication of his mixed collection Afsane aur Dramey in Meanwhile, due to a quarrel with the director of All India Radio, poet N.

Rashid, he left his job and returned to Bombay in July and again started working with film industry. Some of his short stories also came from this phase including Kaali Shalwar , Dhuan and Bu , which was published in Qaumi Jang Bombay in February During this time, as stories of the atrocities of partition riots reached him, in the midst of occasional communal riots in Mumbai itself, he decided to migrate to Pakistan, and left for it by ship. Manto and his family thus found themselves as "muhajirs" refugees from India and were among the millions of Muslims who left present-day India for the new Muslim-majority nation of Pakistan.

Santhanam, an eminent lawyer and the family of a jeweler called Girdharilal. He died on 18 January , in an apartment located off Hall Road in Lahore. His death was attributed to the effects of alcoholism. His daughter Nighat Bashir Patel still lives in the vicinity of the house where Manto lived.

On 18 January , the fiftieth anniversary of his death, Manto was commemorated on a Pakistani postage stamp. His first story was "Tamasha", based on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre at Amritsar. To add to it, his numerous court cases and societal rebukes deepened his cynical view of society, from which he felt isolated.

Lawrence , partly because he wrote about taboos of Indo-Pakistani Society. With my stories, I only expose the truth".

Regarding the charges of obscenity he opined, "I am not a pornographer but a story writer".


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