Международная авиатранспортная промышленность более чем в раз больше, чем в году. Немногие отрасли промышленности могут сравниться с динамикой этого роста, который был бы гораздо менее впечатляющим без стандартов, методов и процедур, разработанных ИАТА. Её цель была организация безопасных, регулярных и рентабельных воздушных перевозок людей и грузов, а также содействие совместной работе всех участвующих в международных воздушных перевозках предприятий. Ассоциация , организованная после Первой мировой войны , прекратила своё существование из-за Второй мировой войны. До реформ Рональда Рейгана по сокращению регуляции в коммерческих рейсах, ИАТА определяло все параметры гражданской авиации, среди прочего, составляющие подаваемых в полёте блюд и расстояние между пассажирскими креслами на борту. Важнейшим направлением деятельности ИАТА является организация взаиморасчётов между субъектами воздушного транспорта, основанная на системе продаж перевозок на нейтральном бланке авиабилетов.

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But within that ethos, there are many levels of risk. Better safety oversight, a uniform audit process, and the avoidance of duplicate audits through the sharing of audit reports were all part of the picture. An added benefit was reducing the costs associated with ground damage. IATA will continue to allocate audits on an annual basis but contracted ISAGO agents will take the responsibility for the administration of the audits, including organizing the audit teams.

There are other changes in the roles and responsibilities of the auditors, especially the lead auditor, and the GSPs and the program oversight activities.

Switchover time The development phase of the new process initiated in January has concluded and is being replaced by a roll out phase in The switchover date is scheduled for 1 September , at which point work developing the audit schedule for under the New Operational Audit Model will commence. While these activities are taking place, the existing audit schedule under the current program will continue until completed. Further out Looking further ahead, there are other trends to account for and accommodate.

A lot of effort has gone into the project so far, and we are determined to make it work There is also a push to gain greater recognition of ISAGO by regulatory authorities. If we achieve this goal I am confident the new model will work. In addition, the number of registered GSPs and those requesting audits has increased steadily year on year, and is expected to continue to rise.

And the majority of the initial registration audits have been renewed, as is required every two years. Our whole safety and security organization has gone through major changes since the implementation of ISAGO Currently, Aviapartner has 20 stations on the registry and two more in the pipeline.



Domuro This web-based training was developped to take you through the most significant changes between ISM Edition 11 and Within one week you will be provided with the latest knowledge about quality management and the conduct of audits in the engineering and maintenance environment. Business Areas Controlled Companies. During this training week we provide experienced aviation auditors with the necessary skills and requirements to achieve an IOSA upgrade which is certified by IATA after passing a isaog exam. Contact us and find out more about your cost saving and efficient possibilities. The Safety Management System SMS in operational environments has become a key iats in the introduction of a proactive view on safety. ISAGO is conducted in a standardised and consistent manner using internationally recognised quality auditing principles. Both the range of services they provide and the issues raised by multiple client aircraft operators are addressed.


IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO)



Международная ассоциация воздушного транспорта


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