He became privatdozent at Budapest in In the next year, under the auspices of the Hungarian government, he began a journey through Syria , Palestine and Egypt , and took the opportunity of attending lectures of Muslim sheiks in the mosque of al-Azhar in Cairo. This journal was later published in German as Tagebuch. My ideal was to elevate Judaism to a similar rational level.

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Start your review of Muslim Studies, Vol. However, I cannot urge readers enough to get a fuller picture of the author and the workings that have gone on in this writing.

Back from the Middle East, he was barred from lecturing due to his religion and took upon a job at a busy synagogue. His diary reveals how much he hated that job and its rich organisers who had little knowledge and were egotistic, much like the stereotypical committee members of a Mosque! Also, Hungarian Judaism, influenced by modernity, was taking directions Goldziher detested.

Another important point to remember is that Goldziher understood the Hadith scholars to be on par with strands of orthodox Judaism he hated, he was more fond of the rationalist strands of Islamic scholarship. I was determined to participate actively in the Friday divine service, and on the Friday before the Ashura I proceeded, in Arab guise, to the proper fulfilment of this intention. A Syrian colleague, Abdullah al-Shami, surmised my wish and helped me to fulfil it.

A special chapter of my diary relates the details of this adventure, how I gave proof of my genuine belief by visiting the tomb of the Imam al-Shafi in the Qarafa Cemetery , and from there, in turban and kaftan, rode through the streets directly to mosque to listen to the prayer and sermon.

My friend was full of anxiety, but the daring enterprise was successful. Among the thousands of the pious, I rubbed my forehead on the floor of the mosque. Never in my life was I more devout, more truly devout, than on that exalted Friday. I called my monotheism Islam, and I did not lie when I said that I believed in the prophecies of Muhammad.

My teachers earnestly awaited the moment of my profession to faith. My ideal was to elevate Judaism to a similar rational level. Islam, as my experience taught me, is the only religion, in which superstitious and heathen ingredients are not frowned upon by rationalism, but by orthodox doctrine. Yet so total was his conceit, so absolute his academic obsession, that he refused to follow his teacher Vambery into an honest and open declaration of faith; opting instead for this private agenda of reforming the religion he had inherited.

His thesis, that the Hadiths are to a large degree the fraudulent propaganda of rival legal theorists of the early second century, was in many ways a characteristic product of his troubled and instinctively polemical mind.

Other technicalities, like demonstrating how Goldziher misconstrued texts and made inappropriate uses of them at least according to the tradition that provided the texts in the first place , have been addressed by Dr.

I like Goldziher. This book will only make sense once the above is considered and his thesis is thoroughly contextualised.


Muslim Studies, Vol. 1

Christianity never imposed itself 13 on the Arabs and they had no opportunity to fight against its doctrines sword in hand. Nabigha, Append. Qays entrusts his son, who was to revenge him, not only with such precious legacies as his weapons and horses, but also with his pots qudur : Agk. The commentators conclude un justly from B. Jihad, no. J S Ibn Hisham, p. I1]5, n


Goldziher - Muslim Studies 1



Muslim Studies II



Ignác Goldziher


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