Zulujar Clinical picture; — In early diabetes or in the pre-diabetic stage, the neuropathy is of the mononeuritic type which may affect the sciatic, femoral, lateral popliteal, ulnar or median nerves or Cr. Ischaemia of the nerves, 2ry to atherosclerosis of the vasa nervosa. Synthetic Belladonna like alkaloids: Two lateral cerebellar hemispheres. Association fibres between the visual and auditory psychic areas allow the child to correlate between the images he sees and the sounds related to them, e.

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Dakora Dr. Hassan Elwan Neurology Postganglionic fibres pass by the short ciliary nerves to the constrictor pupillae muscles. Massage to increase the blood supply to the paralysed muscles. Fever Absent Absent Present 9. Paralysis Paralysis or weakness below the level of the lesion. The weakness may persist till the end of the 3rd month. From the receptors in the olfactory mucosa the fibres of the olfactory nerve pierce the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone hxssan run in the olfactory groove to relay in the olfactory bulb.

They allow the perception of the exact localisation of a stimulus tactile localisation. There is incoordination of voluntary motor activities in the form of: Complete rest in bed for weeks. Inability to protrude the tongue. Telencephalic level Basal ganglia: Diplopia only when the patient looks downwards e. It may be associated with lost ankle reflex. In some cases they may be the only muscles affected throughout the illness. Thiamine mg daily and vit.

Clinical Picture- It presents with a triad of: The cerebral lesion might be in one of the following sites: Cerebral dehydrating measures Mannitol, Glycerol or Steroids to minimise vasogenic brain oedema. Pathological deep reflexes e. There is poor crying and suckling and the infant is floppy.

From the visual areas fibres descend to the oculomotor nuclei of both sides in the midbrain. Fine touch has the same pathway as deep sensations. Excessive salicylate intake 5. Diminished taste on ant. The disease is due to the proliferation of congenital undifferentiated cell rests of glial tissue in the gray matter of the spinal cord. Aphasia and agraphia if the lesion is in the dominant hemisphere.

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Gugor State of muscles Pseudohypertrophy of all muscles of the body. It is the commonest cause of CV insufficiency leading to thrombotic lesions of the brain. Lesion of the cochlear division results in: Antiemetics in suppository form Largactil or Primperan and potassium in cases of severe vomiting. Associative fibres pass in the anterior part of AL.


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Malagal No involvement of the ocular muscles. Galvanic stimulation to the facial muscles. Massage of the facial muscles. In the Brain Stem, some of the descending A fibres separate to supply the motor nuclei of the cranial nerves of BOTH sides except the lower!


Dr.Hassan Elwan Neurology

Dibar The deep reflexes are intact. Thus plasmapheresis is best indicated in: Neurolgoy of smell usually unpleasant, in the absence of stimulus. The cerebral cortex, concerned with the perception of the sense of vertigo. Treatment of the cause. Deviation of the body towards the affected side in unilateral lesions or zigzag gait in bilateral lesions.

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