You are unlikely to find many documents being exchanged in XPS at present, but it works in a very similar fashion to PDF and may gain ground over coming years. With gDoc Fusion itself, you can also edit and manage PDFs, incorporating comments or exporting documents to Word format. The gDoc Fusion interface is extremely easy to use, and for quick conversions to or from PDF you can simply drag and drop files onto the welcome screen. The other views - page, document, and flick view - provide more control over working with PDF files so that you can edit individual pages or merge other documents without losing formatting.

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Ellerhold Ellerhold Group specialises in XXL Point of Sale display products, labels and packaging and is the market leader in printing posters for indoor and outdoor advertising. Watch the video Mark Andy Mark Andy is a leading manufacturer of narrow- and mid-web printing and finishing equipment, supplying leading global brands with a range of Mark Andy and Presstek printing presses, Rotoflex finishing solutions, as well as a complete line of Mark Andy Print Products consumables and pressroom supplies.

Watch the video Delphax Delphax Solutions Inc. The SX printer is used for the production of bank statements, invoices and direct mail and is capable of handling vast quantities of Japanese data. SIS first gave computers the ability to process Japanese Kanji characters in the s. The Harlequin RIP provides a complete feature set for all printing techniques with full control of screen sets and calibration and with extensive packaging specific controls.

Navigator RIPs are the pre-press foundation of small print shops, large commercial printers and multi-million dollar publishing houses around the world.

The Navigator RIP is based on the Harlequin RIP and has long been recognized around the world as a best in class implementation of software RIP technology with over 30, installations worldwide in commercial offset, web offset, flexo, packaging, screen printing, and transactional data applications.

A high-performance solution that manages color production tasks including RIPping, previewing, storing and transferring files to the proper image setting device, :Arkitex software drives a variety of imagers including capstan, color drum recorders, computer-to-plate, laser printers and transmission systems.

Wasatch Wasatch Computer Technology has been developing innovative graphic arts and print management software for over 30 years. It offers print shops many tools, such as ScreenMate, ProofMate, and TrapMate, to accelerate and automate tasks and they can add modules as they need them. PixelStream Workflow Solution is a powerful, reliable, and integrated system that combines all the elements of a traditional digital pre-press workflow into a single economical unit for creating pages, trapping, rendering, imposing, and creating film or plates.

It provides the excellent color control required to ensure consistent color density throughout the print run. Ours is the software behind the perfect printed and digital communication. Latest news.


gDoc Fusion

Core technology for digital print News Release 18 May Launch of gDoc Fusion transforms use of PDF and XPS documents to boost office productivity Global Graphics, a developer of edocument and printing software, today announced the launch of gDoc Fusion, an edocument builder application, designed for exceptional usability to create, review, edit, share and archive PDF and XPS documents. Global Graphics research shows that office workers say PDF software is the most difficult business application to use. Key Features: Page View — enables users to quickly read and modify individual PDF pages with the context-sensitive toolbar. Sticky notes and bookmarks can be added to pages and users can use text search and replace.



Kikasa If you need a simple to use application that integrates well with Microsoft Office, however, as well as offering good editing and management options without the need for latest Acrobat features, gDoc Fusion is highly recommended. In MayGlobal Graphics Software introduced Mako, software development kit SDK for preparing documents for print and designed to give complete control over pre-press files. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Document View — allows users to quickly extract, move, copy or delete pages between multiple open documents using easy drag and drop actions. Global Graphics — Wikipedia Read more on these topics: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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