The full title of the book is Srimad Bhagavad Gita Rahasya. It was written in Marathi and published in June The book is also known as Karma Yoga Shastra. Lokmanya Tilak wrote much of the Gita Rahasya within about five months November to March , while he was undergoing his six-year sentence of imprisonment in a jail in Burma. Tilak held that in the whole of Sanskrit literature, there is no other work that explains the principles of Hindu religion in such a succinct yet unambiguous manner as the Bhagavad Gita. It takes the character of a universal work in as much as it provides fresh inspiration to human beings according to changing times.

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You can browse similar titles or contact us for a personalised recommendation. Table of Contents: 1. Various Vernacular Editions of the Gita-Rahasya. Bal Gangadar Tilak. Tilak on the Gita-Rahasya. General Rules Regarding the Translation. Scheme of Transliteration of Sanskrit Words. Explanation of Pictorial Map of Schools of Philosophy. List of Illustrations. Explanation of Abbreviations. Text of the Bhagavadgita. He was the first congress leader to suffer several terms of imprisonment.

Having graduated from Bombay University, he played an important role in the Renaissance Movement. After qualifying as a lawyer, he devoted his entire life to the services of the country. He made excellent use to his great flair for journalism to mould public opinion in favour of his political aims and objectives. It was through his editorials in these papers that he infused firebrand patriotism among the Marathas in particular and the Indians in general.

He told people to be unafraid and selfless, self confident and proud of being Indians. These festivals were ostensibly socio-religious but there was a political motive behind them.

This was to rouse the masses and promote amongst them feelings of brotherhood and fellowship. Tilak was the first to advise peasants in Maharashtra to withhold payments of land revenue when their crops failed owing to drought or famine. He gave the slogan of complete independence and proclaimed. He said. People of India are my kith and kin. Political and social emancipation of India is my biggest religion.

The British Government got panicky with the activities of the Extremists and deported Tilak to the Andaman on charge of sedition. He was a fearless fighter who instilled confidence among the Indians by his precepts and preachings. He said, "your future rests entirely in your hands, if you mean to be free, you can be free. On his release in he plunged again into the freedom struggle. He established the Home rule league in Bombay. The British rulers called him the "Leader of the Indian Unrest" and the Indians hailed him as "the prince of patriots".

Tilak died on 1st August



And I thought that a considerable amount of misunderstanding would arise if I merely published in a book form this moral of the Gita , which had not been accepted in the commentaries, criticisms, or translations now commonly available, without assigning any reason as to why I was unable to accept the conclusions arrived at by the former commentators. No Time At the same time, as the work of dealing with the opinions of all the commentators, and exposing their incompleteness with reasons, and of comparing the religion expounded in the Gita with other religions or philosophies was one entailing great labour, it was not possible for me to satisfactorily complete it within a short period of time. And later on, when, in the year , I was convicted and sent to Mandalay, in Burma, the chance of this book being written came practically to an end. But when, after some time, Government was pleased to grant permission to take books and other things essential for writing this book from Poona to Mandalay, the draft of this book was first made in the Mandalay Jail in the winter of between Karttik Shuddha 1st and Falgun Vadya 30th of the Saka Year ; and thereafter, the draft was improved upon from time to time, as things suggested themselves to me; and those portions which had remained incomplete as the necessary books had not been available, were completed after my release from jail. It is true that this work was completed in the Mandalay Jail; but it had been written with a lead pencil, and it contained corrections and deletions on many places; so, when it was returned to me after inspection by Government, it was necessary to make a fair copy of it for printing; and if I myself had to do that work, who knows how many months more would have passed before the work was published! The Gita was not preached either as a pastime for persons tired out after living a worldly life in the pursuit of selfish motives nor as a preparatory lesson for living such worldly life; it was preached in order to give philosophical advice as to how one should live his worldly life with an eye to Release moksha and to teach the true duty of human beings in worldly life. A commentary on the sacred poem.


Gita Rahasya -Tilak 1

Gauri Kulkarni marked it as to-read Sep 24, A plague epidemic spread from Bak to Pune in lateand by Januaryit reached epidemic proportions. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Shirimad Bhagwatgita: Geeta Rahasya by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak The first part is the philosophical exposition and the second part consists of the Gita, its translation and the commentary. Views Read Edit View history. The real spirit is to tilaj the country your family instead of working only for your own. Pankaj Chakraborty rated it really liked it Aug 26, In order to suppress the epidemic and prevent its spread, it was decided to take bao action, accordingly a Special Plague Committee, with jurisdiction over Pune city, its suburbs and Pune cantonment was appointed under the Chairmanship of W.


Srimad_Bhagavad_Gita_Rahasya-Marathi-Bal_Gangadhar_Tilak _1924

You can browse similar titles or contact us for a personalised recommendation. Table of Contents: 1. Various Vernacular Editions of the Gita-Rahasya. Bal Gangadar Tilak. Tilak on the Gita-Rahasya.


Gita Rahasya – Commentary of Bhagavad Gita by Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Narayanam namaskratya narain caiva narottamam I devim Sarasvatim Vyasam tato jayam udirayet II [1] [2] The Srimad Bhagavadglita is one of the most brilliant and pure gems of our ancient sacred books. It would be difficult to find a simpler work in Sanskrit literature or even in all the literature of the world than the Gita, which explains to us in an unambiguous and succinct manner the deep and sacred principles of the sacred science of the SELF Atman , after imparting to us the knowledge of the human body and the cosmos, and on the authority of those principles acquaints every human being with the most perfect and complete condition of the Self, that is to say, with what the highest- manhood is, and which further establishes a logical and admirable harmony between Devotion bhakti and Spiritual Knowledge jnana , and ultimately between both these and the duties of ordinary life enjoined by the Sastras, thereby inspiring the mind, bewildered by the vicissitudes of life to calmly and, what is more, desirelessly adhere to the path of duty. Even if one examines the work looking upon it as a poem, this work, which simplifies to every reader, young or old, the numerous abstruse doctrines of Self-Knowledge in inspired language and is replete with the sweetness of Devotion plus Self-Realisation, will certainly he looked upon as an excellent poem. The pre-eminent worth, therefore, of a book which contains the quintessence of Vedic religion, uttered by the voice of the Blessed Lord can best only be imagined. It is stated at the commencement of the Anugita, that after the Bharata war was over, and Sri Krsna and Arjuna were one day chatting together, Arjuna conceiving the desire of hearing the Gita. Really speaking, nothing was impossible for the Blessed Lord, but His answer that it would be impossible for Him to repeat the Gita, clearly reveals the excellent worth of the Gita.

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