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During its first 25 years of use, one study found it to be insensitive to language delays. Research Basis[ edit ] The Denver Developmental Screening Test was revised in order to increase its detection of language delays, replace items found difficult to use, and address the other concerns listed.

An examiner administers the age-appropriate items to the child, although some can be passed by parental report. Each item is scored as pass, fail, or refused. A normal score means no delay in any domain and no more than one caution; a suspect score means one or more delays or two or more cautions; a score of untestable means enough refused items that the score would be suspect if they had been delays.

Videotapes and two manuals describe 14 hours of structured instruction and recommend testing a dozen children for practice. Beyond this a professional degree is not required. As with all developmental testing, one must follow the instructions in detail.

The standardization sample of 2, children was selected to represent the children of the state of Colorado. The test has been criticized because that population is slightly different from that of the U. However, the authors found no clinically significant differences when results were weighted to reflect the distribution of demographic factors in the whole U.

Separate norms were provided for the 16 items whose scores varied by race, maternal education, or rural-urban residence. Interpretation[ edit ] The author of the test, William K. Frankenburg, likened it to a growth chart of height and weight and encouraged users to consider factors other than test results in working with an individual child.

Frankenburg did not recommend criteria for referral; rather, he recommended that screening programs and communities review their results and decide whether they are satisfied.

The psychologist evaluated children, of whom 18 were judged to be delayed [9]. All but two of the 18 came from the low-income centers but no mention is made regarding use of separate norms for African-American children. If their scores were considered normal, too many children with delays would be missed low sensitivity ; if their scores were considered abnormal, too many children would be referred low specificity.

On the basis of this study, the Denver II fell into disfavor, and it is now seldom mentioned in reviews. Materials may no longer be purchased in hard copy, but they are available at no charge. Another study evaluated the Denver II in the screening program of a community health center. This study included children in all and 64 who needed EI. The success of the screening program was judged in terms of predictive value: the probability that a child, if referred, would be eligible for services.

The authors concluded that in their program a suspect Denver II should usually result in referral. Positive predictive value meant the probability that a child with a suspect Denver II would be diagnosed as abnormal when evaluated; negative predictive value meant the probability that a child with a normal Denver II would be diagnosed as normal when evaluated.

A study of children under five in Brazil has produced a continuous measure of child development for population studies.


Denver Developmental Screening Tests

Mazukree Seeing that these are all within the appropriate ranges recommended by the CDC for her age group there are no immediate concerns that there is an unhealthy growth pattern existing for Jordyn CDC, She also smiles spontaneously without being touched, sounds being made, or without someone cormat smiling first. Some of the distractions that affected the testing were the presence of the family dog, fan, and the child being an infant with a short attention span. It was a single story house off of 42 nd Street and Thunderbird. View my complete profile. Having three consecutive ddxt in a section we moved to testing Jordyn in the Fine Motor — Adaptive section. Having not failed any of the tasks to the left of forat age line, Jordyn is growing developmentally appropriately for her age group Archer, et al She dddst able to pass all of these tests until the Thumb — Finger Grasp was attempted, she can pick up the raisin. When crackers are placed in front of her Jordyn immediately grabs them and starts to eat the food.




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