Vudobei Verify blank savings bond stock and validating stamps. Review the section training for for adequacy. SFStatement of Accountability. Talk to the outgoing Deputy DO or Disbursing Agent about perceived problems, strengths, and weaknesses.

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Grotilar Obtain all necessary information about the machine e. What are 5 steps to complete as the incoming Disbursing Officer? Ensure all accountable items are on f,s Immediately conduct research on any checks missing or out of numerical sequence and void if necessary. If the incoming DO has never had a signature medium, What must you do? Facilitator, have each group as a group write down one question from this lesson, give about five minutes.

Ask the following Questions; Facilitate discussion on answers given Q1. Take action as the relieved Disbursing Agent: Verify and inventory all blank U.

Memo to DFAS with last check issued Transfers custody of Check-signing machine to Incoming Verifies balances in suspense accounts are properly documented. Verify safekeeping deposits SF s deposited but not processed. Ensure the alarm system is properly installed and operational. Change of account holder Battalion Commander change of command Reactivation of a temporarily closed disbursing office. Transfers all cash, negotiable instruments, money accounts, books, property, vouchers and other retained records to the incoming DO.

Ensure all vault and safe combinations are changed on the day of transfer. List each accountable item separately and by amount. Verify all other documents that support the SF as assets. Change of account holder. Paying agent and cashier procedures. The incoming DO is pecuniary liable for improper payments made on or after the date of assuming responsibility. Execute the plan if one of these conditions exists.

I certify that the above signature is that of the disburs- ing officer named. Facilitator Read and facilitate discussion How to determine a transfer of accountability condition exists: It is preferable that the transfer occur on the last day of the month to preclude the need to submit two sets of financial reports in the same month.

Prepare final SFStatement of Accountability. Order all required official publications not on hand. Share buttons are a little bit lower. It is fotm that you know the proper procedures to transfer accountability from one disbursing officer to another, or to transfer account holders i.

Activation of a new Disbursing Office. DSL large or small group discussion Media: Submit a memorandum of notification to the servicing DFAS center announcing the commencement of disbursing duties. Prepare a Plan to Transfer Accountability — ppt download Facilitate a discussion on each Activation of a new disbursing office. What must you send to DFAS immediately upon receipt of orders?

Sign here, in form to be used on checks: Review cash-holding requirements for adequacy. If the incoming DO has never had a signature medium, provide three official signature specimens in addition to those required by paragraph C, and request the required medium be ordered in enough time to arrive before the actual date of relief. SFStatement of Accountability. In the last lesson, we learned how to prepare an SFStatement of Accountability. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Treasury checks and prepare a letter of transfer for them. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Auth with social network: Appoint deputy DO, agents, cashiers, etc. Verify blank savings bond stock and validating stamps.

Facilitator Read and facilitate discussion The outgoing and incoming DOs establish the date when transfer of accountability will occur, subject to command approval. The relieving DO is responsible for reporting all checks issued by the relieved officer not reported to the Treasury prior to the transfer of accountability and for resubmitting any rejected tapes containing data on checks issued by the relieved officer. Review the visual recognition system for identifying persons requesting entry to the office.

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