Dolor en cuadrante inferior derecho. Usualmente caminando con dolor y agarrando con ambas manos el Cuadrante inferior derecho. De forma general son pacientes que prefieren estar acostados y que permanecen muy quietos en la cama. La Apendicitis no complicada suele presentar temperaturas de entre

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Hospital de segundo nivel. Se obtuvo una sensibilidad de Abstract Objective: To determine the usefulness and efficacy of the Alvarado Scale for the diagnosis of acute ap- pendicitis, using clinical and laboratory tests. Second level health care hospital.

Design: Transversal, prospective, analytical study. Statistical analysis: Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of the diagnostic test. Material and methods: The study was performed from July to December Patients of any age and gender with a diagnosis of acute appendicitis were included, patients were captured sequentially during the study period.

We obtained the scores according to the variables of the Alvarado Scale, appendicectomy was performed in all patients, and the result from the histopathological report was obtained. The studied variables were age, gender, time of evolution, migra- tion of pain to the right inferior quadrant, anorexia, nausea and vomiting, pain in the inferior right quad- rant, rebound, increased temperature, leukocytosis and neutrophilia.

Results: We studied patients subjected to ap- pendicectomy, there were 63 men The Alvarado Scale was applied to the patients with the presumptive diagnosis of acute appendici- tis. Less than 4 points were obtained in 12 patients, from 5 to 6 in 25 patients, from 7 to 10 in 76 patients. The histopathological report was positive for acute appendicitis in 92 patients Conclusion: The Alvarado Scale is useful as a diagnos- tic tool for acute appendicitis, it presents high sensi- tivity, high positive and negative predictive values, it is applicable to all patients with acute abdominal pain suggestive of appendicitis.

Key words: Acute appendicitis, Alvarado scale, appen- dicectomy. El costo estimado de los cargos que pudiera simular un episodio de apendicitis aguda. Si el puntaje es de 1 a 4 existe una muy baja probabilidad de apendicitis ya que muy ra- ros casos se han presentado con menos de 4 puntos. Escala de Alvarado.

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Apendicitis - Criterios de Alvarado

Bajin Rev Hosp Juarez Mex, 76pp. Methods Prospective, longitudinal, analytical, comparative and observational study. In the case of our study, the positive LR was 3. You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here. Upon applying the grading systems to the patients in the study, we found that the RIPASA score showed greater diagnostic certainty compared to the Alvarado score, with a sensitivity of The pathology report was obtained and the efficacy of both scores for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis was compared. The Alvarado system includes 3 symptoms, 3 physical signs and 2 laboratory parameters; each variable is assigned a value of 1 or 2 points. Introduction In order to avoid delay in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis and reduce the margin of error, the use of scales has been used.


Criterios de Alvarado Para Apendicitis Aguda



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