Its theme is based on apocalyptic-fiction. In a world where its history are almost completely forgotten, lives thrive on in cities called Regios, where the mysterious presence of Electronic Fairies dwell individually, roaming to protect them from contaminants and filth monsters. A time when cities battle necessarily for the source of Selenium and where defense fall on those with the abilities to wield weapons with Kei energy. This is the story of Chrome Shelled Regios. Chrome Shelled Regios vol.

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It was a portal to the Aurora Feild, and people witness the miracle through the gate. Though no detail was given. There was a scientist who was obsessed with what he saw and tries recreate the miracle by opening a gate himself. He succeeded in doing so 9 years into the new calender. But instead of miracle, new invaders now known as Slegkag came through the gate.

Later, the plan was taken over by the alliance, trying to send people into Aurora Field to find out where the Selgkag came from and what were their objective. It was not stated directly, but the two people who traveled into Aurora Field were Layfon and Felli. Now 14 years into the new calender, Nina is serving as a war time mediator and commanding the third army of the alliance.

We were not given any info on whether she still has her E-fairies or not most E-fairies turned themselves into trees to revitalize the earth. But Nina is so powerful now she even has techniques that controls gravity. The story ends as they are going to attack the giant. And despite not outright stated, it was hinted that Layfon and Felli are mutants now. Cornelio and Shante had a daughter, they are now living in Glendan too. Eyen and Saya is using Leerin as a host while recovering from the damage they had taken from Welzenheim.

While the truth is that the queen and Shante are horrible parents, causing troubles here and there, even at school. So they got chased out from the school and have no option but to send their kids to Leerin. Finally, the queen has discovered the way not just halt her again, but can regain her youth.

She now looks like a teenage girl. Credits to shmaster AnimeSuki forum You can get more information about vol.


Chrome Shelled Regios (Novel)



[Novel] Koukaku no Regios (鋼殻のレギオス) v1-25


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