Shelves: comics , reviewed , comic-reviews Pathetic and genuine. A minimalist approach to style equates to the equally understated emotions of the protagonist and author. Thin lines wrap around simplistic characters and the environment that ensconces them. What it lacks in visual adornments it makes up for in honesty. Take away Pigpen and his ever-present cloud of dust. Take away Snoopy typing away atop his doghouse or dreaming of being the Red Baron.

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It went beyond just not being able to interact with others; he was cold and rude to others. The first Vortex issue of Yummy Fur sold well, and Brown quit his day job and began working full-time as a cartoonist. Imagine, for a moment, the comic strip world of Charlie Brown without the whimsy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chester Brown is a tustado Author to like. Break out the violins. Max Magee found the tone of awkwardness and emotional emptiness comparable to works by contemporaries such as Daniel Clowes and Chris Ware. His career path was set at the age of 12 when the local newspaper, The St.

Even his own mother commented on his looks and I was beginning to wonder if this was how he remember his childhood or if it was more wishful thinking on his part?

The artwork is simple but fits the format wonderful, same as the position of the panels. The story unfolds in vignettes, [27] with little setup or context given to any scene. I Never Liked You I have a thing about comic art where I expect or desire or whatever a certain level of artistic skill. The uncomplicated artwork of his friend and fellow Toronto cartoonist Seth inspired him to simplify his own. Brown rearranged the page layouts, removing panels, most significantly those in the prologue where Chet explains his motivations.

Small moments from his childhood are supposed to be so profound. Jan guustado, Never rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book appeared amid the early s trend in browm alternative comics, and Brown was one of a prominent trio of Toronto-based autobiographical cartoonists, with Seth and Joe Matt. He also struggles with showing his feelings and with engaging emotionally. The art is weird and wonderful—featuring alien sized heads and painfully thin bodies.

Chester Brown se pinta como un adolescente muy peculiar: I Never Liked Youa graphic memoir written and drawn by Chester Brown and excerpted from his longer series Yummy Furtells of just such a lonely, bitter boy, in just such a relatively whimsy free world.

I feel like his autobiography works are poor in comparison to his Louis Riel biography work and Ed the Happy Clown and his other fictional work. Dos cosas son curiosas. Return to Book Page. In Brown returned to autobiography and his relations with women with the graphic novel Paying for Ita polemic arguing for the decriminalization of prostitution. In I This is a story bbrown an emotional maladjust making everyone around him miserable for no reason.

I Never Liked You gutsado the last work from his autobiographical period that started in with Helder in Yummy Fur Archived from the original on 1 September I Never Liked You: His use of an objective, unemotional narrative voice functions in direct contrast to the often-heartbreaking events of this autobiographical story and it works really well, underscoring the major story theme of unexpressed, repressed emotions and the resultant psychic fallout.

Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels. She talks to Chet and his younger brother Gord about issues that embarrass them, and the religious teaching she has instilled in them has rendered Chet unable to bring himself to swear, for which he is teased and goaded at school.

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