Kigashicage The Crocodile-Iota-Fiasco money had been shot in the arm, but it had been all used up. Inevery financial journal covered the sale, billed as the biggest takeover in Indian corporate history. Till my last breath I will work. Mahaeajas India, it raised a brouhaha.

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The clue left more questions hovering in the air. But at the same time, it does not concentrate only on the financial aspect of their empires. Ambani is a first generation entrepreneur, the Bajajs were rich long before Ambani was businfss. Good book about History of grat Indian businessman and their Vision and tactics. Business Maharajas by Gita Piramal He knew that once he offered to pay back the loans, nobody would ask him for them, ti And none of them did.

Ambani was then thirty-four years old, Birla twenty-three. All I wanted was to be competitive with countries like Japan, Taiwan, Korea. Anyone can import an OGL item, but anything on the restricted list has first to get clearance from the director general of technical development. He was merely a hawker who used to wait outside our cabins. They would then set up a 2, or 3, tpa facility, depending on their projections of their market share.

In those days there were no telexes. Ambani questioned this we-know-best attitude. But given my opportunity cost of lost production, it almost does not matter how much it costs because, if I can get the production going earlier, I always come out ahead. As an exporter, he had had to overcome the reluctance of foreign buyers worried about Indian companies and their unpredictable delivery schedules.

Want to Read saving…. How big should a biography be before it becomes s useful? Lists with This Book. The end of the Licence Raj with its corollary of greater industrial opportunity, stiffer competition from domestic and international rivals, the financial revolution, the lure of foreign markets, the shaky promise of globalization, and various aspects of the liberalization programme have generated considerable debate about the direction of change and how Indian industry should rise to meet these challenges.

LEY PDF He began with textiles, which is an end product for consumers, and worked his way backward through the intermediate chain gkta polyester, petrochemicals, refinery and finally, oil exploration. Hire good people, treat them well and delegate responsibility. I was brought up in the Arya Samaj environment which taught us to shun rituals.

The credit for this decision should go to my father. Credit must be given to her in formulating criteria to select the businessmen who were to be covered in the text. And once plants were up and running, they had to work at full capacity, round the clock. Many merchants who have left the nation have prospered better than the ones who stuck to the home ground, in fact all of these business men have at some point in their careers considered leaving the country for better ones and setting up business there!

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Business maharajas

Vokus What does not kill you makes you stronger, well I guess it only made them stronger, the struggle to survive bureaucracy has made them develop strategies to handle these politicians and corrupt systems to such an extent that they have a cakewalk outside India. But, at the time, it was hard to raise the piffling Rshe maharsjas to get into manufacturing, with sceptics outnumbering believers. Inevitably the corporate culture of the companies they head is grounded in these tenets and reflects the personalities of their chiefs. Indian entrepreneurs had not yet begun manufacturing man-made yarns and fibres locally. I could never do a normal job.


Business Maharajas Quotes

Only Natwarlal, the youngest son, would get. I had my own car and fiat, but a time came when I wanted to do something on my own. This was one of the settlement Fridays. How did they do it?


Business Maharajas Quotes

Shelves: business Businesses are sometimes likened to empires. Just like a real empire, every business concern encounters aggression from all corners, not necessarily armed ones. This mandates an intelligent, powerful and far seeing emperor at the centre. Such maharajas fend off predatory moves by competitors, devices plans for the routine administration and put in place programs by which more revenue could be earned.




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