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A cruise liner docks at a London port and the crew and passengers have one Saturday night to spend ashore before the ship sails again on Sunday morning.

We follow the separate stories of one passenger and several crewmembers. The stories are spread across the whole film interspersed with each other but not interconnecting. The particulars of each separate story are as follows when aggregated together. Passenger George Hudson is a semi-retired businessman who owns an alloys company and is taking this round-the-world cruise on medical advice.

Mr Harrison leaves and shortly afterwards a beautiful young Frenchwoman called Wanda arrives at the bar in a flustered state and the kindly and compassionate George chivalrously gives her assistance. They chat and get on so well that she asks him back to her flat where they have sex. Later they go out to dinner and George thinks he has found someone of really exceptional quality who, to his amazement, seems genuinely interested in him.

When they return to her flat George begins telling her how he thinks they could continue their romance at which point she unexpectedly laughs in his face! George is deflated to have been tricked so easily by a woman. However he has no intention of paying because he is a widower. Harrison is furious that he misread his mark but still thinks that George has not considered what his business associates would think about the matter.

George reflects on this and, as if bowing to the pressure, he proceeds to write out a cheque and takes possession of the photos. For without these photos to prove it his business colleagues will never believe him! Crewman Lee is an Australian who was going to catch some culture at a concert but missed the show. Walking by the Thames he meets a pretty young woman called Penny who claims she is trying to kill herself but has had nothing but bad luck and she is too broke to afford a shilling for her gas meter to do herself in.

Penny is the kookiest girl Lee has ever met with an eccentric non-conformist view of the world which she knows she does not fit into and therefore cannot see the point of sticking around.

She invites Lee back to her basement flat if he promises to lend her a shilling for the gas meter. Her avant-garde flat has no furniture; her bed is a hammock; and she cohabitates with a meditating monk who lives permanently behind a curtain.

Lee can see that normal life scares her and so she has developed a nihilistic isolationist approach to her life. And now she is trapped behind a solemn wall she has built around herself in her efforts not to be normal. But he thinks she is really a scared and lonely girl who desperately needs someone to love and he believes that is why she asked him back here. Shipmates Harry and Jamey are out to have a good evening spending their hard-earned pay. They go to a pub where Harry spots a couple of likely girls.

He fancies Margaret who seems to share the same extroverted sense of fun as he and his fat wallet makes sure she remains interested as he keeps the rounds coming in. Then Harry finds out Margaret is a brass and that she expects to be paid to have sex with him.

It affronts his masculinity to think he would ever have to pay for it. Harry tells Jamey they should go because these girls are just a pair of toms. Crewman Harry remains in a foul mood, and fairly intoxicated, as he cruises the streets and enters a red light district. He passes various establishments promising all sorts of delights until he finds himself persuaded by the tempting patter of an attractive girl standing in the doorway of a dive called "The Garden of Eden" which she promises contains something really special inside.

The girl is called Marlene and she knows how to flatter a man and keep him believing she really likes him - and the drunker they are the easier it is. But her real job at the club is to get unwary male punters to buy overpriced drinks for the two of them while leaving the sucker thinking that he is in with a chance with her if she is plied with enough liquor. The upshot of this is Harry has to buy her drinks also thus serving to drain his wallet even faster.

It is clear the girls are bored stiff by what they do for whenever Harry is not looking their way their misery shows. Marlene has a word with the manager telling him that Harry is on the verge of walking out but still has lots of cash left and she gains permission to go to the next phase. That is much more what Harry had in mind and he eagerly follows them upstairs.

In the room Marlene takes off his jacket so he can be more comfortable and puts it in the wardrobe. They suddenly become all frosty towards Harry and take exception to what he thinks they have come up here for. Harry notices his money is gone and starts making a fuss accusing the girls of stealing it. The manager feigns riotous indignation at such outrageous allegations.

He throws Harry out into the street telling him not to come back because his sort will give the club a bad reputation. Crewman Jamey carries on chatting to Jean once Harry has left the pub.

They are shy towards each other but seem to intuitively know that they are well suited. Little-by-little Jamey learns that Jean has a tragic life. Once she was old enough, the home boarded her out to a married couple to work as a home help. But after two years the husband started making a nuisance of himself with her and began coming to her room at night.

So Jean left and met Margaret who was another ex-orphanage girl who had learned to turn tricks to make some easy cash. That was what tonight had been about - Margaret had been attempting to show Jean how it was done. At pub closing time they leave and wander the streets, Jamey is a bit unsure what to do with Jean because she clearly has nowhere to go. Then they encounter an old dear who has had too much to drink and they decide to help her get home.

The old lady lives with her daughter who runs a bed and breakfast hotel. Jamey suggests to Jean that they take a room and she agrees since she has no other options. Jamey is the perfect gentleman and lets her take the bed whilst he kips down on a chair mulling things over in his mind and coming to a decision.

Next morning Jamey tells Jean that he knows it is all a bit sudden but he wants to look after her and get married. He is an electrician so could easily get work on shore. Jean is taken aback by his proposal - can she trust this man, does he really mean it? Jamey returns to the ship sharing his excitement with his crewmates telling them all about the girl he has met while he gathers his belongings and prepares to jump ship.

His friend Harry is still smarting from being ripped off by the women in the clip joint and he thinks Jamey is being stupid. So to save his friend from making the biggest mistake of his life Harry stops him leaving the ship until it sails. Back at the hotel Jean waits - hours and hours pass until it becomes clear to her Jamey is not coming back. She trudges away resigned to be on her own again and hope to find some way to get by. Seemingly the end Epilogue. But then as Jean is walking away feeling miserable she hears a shout behind her and Jamey catches up clutching his suitcase and explains what happened to him and how he eventually managed to convince the captain to let him off via the pilot ship.

They were seen singing a few songs in a pub but had no acting involvement.


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A cruise liner docks at a London port and the crew and passengers have one Saturday night to spend ashore before the ship sails again on Sunday morning. We follow the separate stories of one passenger and several crewmembers. The stories are spread across the whole film interspersed with each other but not interconnecting. The particulars of each separate story are as follows when aggregated together.

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