There exists at least from the European early modern period another variant text, "Ave dulcissima Maria. The best-known musical setting comes from the pen of the mad and brilliant Italian nobleman Carlo Gesualdo ; others who have set the variant text since then include Julian Wachner , Ramona Luengen , Jean Belmont Ford , and Giuseppe Friuli. The "Ave dulcissima" text shares with the better-known liturgical version of the opening salutation and the closing petition that Mary pray for us to her Son; in between, however, the "Ave dulcissima" text adopts a much more passionate mien, calling Mary "sweetest," "true hope and life," the contradictory "flower of virgins," and "sweet refreshment" a phrase used elsewhere in the liturgy to describe the physical and emotional cleansing of the Holy Spirit. At the same time, his overall musical affect is one of deep and reverential reflection.

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Ave dulcissima Maria, for chorus

Their grasp of a full range of articulation, from crisp staccato to velvety legato, is especially striking. Conductor Stephen Layton leads the choir in an unusually nuanced and expressive performance of Les chansons des roses, with great flexibility of tempo, bringing out compositional felicities that can go unnoticed in more conventional readings with straighter tempos. His reading of the cycle Mid-Winter Songs, accompanied by Britten Sinfonia , is notable for its bristling energy and high drama. Three shorter sacred pieces are recorded here for the first time. Nocturnes , three settings of texts about night, also receive their first recording.


Morten Lauridsen: Nocturnes


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