She began her writing career as a journalist for such publications as Siete, a magazine published by the Ministry of Public Education, and the afternoon paper Ovaciones. However, the novel that she had been brainstorming for years did not reach fruition until an editor offered to pay her salary for six months so that she could quit her job and focus on writing. A stunning success both in Mexico and abroad, the novel quickly cleared a place for Mastretta in the canon of Mexican writers. Hoping to convince the child that she was a necessary link in an unbroken chain of extraordinary women, Mastretta sat by her bedside telling stories, harvesting her family tree and her imagination to create a cast of magical, witty and colorful women, caught in pivotal moments of their life. A warm, charming, and fiercely intelligent presence, Mastretta is famous for artfully crafting fiction that comments on the social and political realities of her country, and for giving birth to some of the most memorable and magical female characters ever caught between the covers of a book. Also the author of Mal de Amores Lovesick, Riverhead Books, , she says that she does not know when she first decided to be a writer, but credits it to her beloved father, a journalist who died when she was very young.

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Start your review of Mal de amores Write a review Shelves: historical , non-series 3. The eternal throbbing beat below her breastbone. Spanning almost 50yrs, this is the story of Emilia. The vast majority of the story takes place during the Mexican Revolution and does a good job shining a light on how discontent, injustice, and passion bring about such wars.

Their love story is one people in their younger years would find exciting, dramatic, lustful, and love torn; a lovestory that is exciting to read about but hellish to live. She naturally and fights her way to becoming a doctor, no mean feat during this time period. She meets a Dr. Zavalza and love triangle ensues. I do wish we could have had some scenes from Daniel to get a feel for the battles but this look at it from ordinary citizens was encompassing in its own way, too.

Years pass quickly and Emilia becoming a doctor and having children is quickly told. This rushed ending kind of gave all the emotional upheaval and drama, I as the reader, went through less gravitas.


El viento de las horas - Ángeles Mastretta


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El cielo de los leones


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