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The book was originally published in The book offers a detailed and informative account of the relationship between physical structure of the human body and movement. The latest edition was published by Eastland Press in The major system that is focused on in the book is the musculoskeletal system as it is strongly connected to movement of all sorts. The author has also used more than a thousand drawings to clearly and precisely explain the concepts of movement and to depict the organs that are involved in it.

Anatomy of Movement Pdf Review: While other books on anatomy focus on anatomy itself, this book focuses on the functional aspects of anatomy. The author has offered insight into the relation of anatomy with physical movements in things just as exercise and dance. This book is not only a resource for med students but also for dance teachers as the author is very skilled in the discipline. She has made sure that the relationship of dance with physical movements and skeletal system is explained well in the book.

This would help the dance teachers make better sense of the muscles involved in the physical movement and prepare their routines according to that. The latest edition has been revised and some changes have been made. The text has been revised and the number of images has also been increased. Anatomy of Movement Pdf Features: There are more than a thousand images that the readers can use to understand the association of musculoskeletal system with movement and associate that will the biomechanics of the human body.

This book is a tool for professionals in the field of anatomy, med students, dance students or teachers and even physiotherapists. Students will learn about the movement of the pelvis, hips, legs and other organs.



Shelves: nonfiction-bodywork I am reading this book again because it is just such a wonderful perspective on anatomy from a very functional perspective. I think this one is a must read for any manual or movement therapist. Feb 05, Sherrie Gingery rated it it was amazing Another perfect book for anyone interested in movement. The descriptions of how the body works to create movement and the types of movement are detailed and easy to understand. A must-have for massage therapists and fitness instructors. This book is so informative that I am never not reading it.


Calais Germain Blandine - Anatomia Para El Movimiento Tomo 2 - Bases de Ejercicios



Anatomy of Movement


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