Page 20 All settings are saved automatically on all models. Coaxial Cables Reception Wire If mounting inside a carbon fiber fuselage, the antenna reception wires must be run outside of the model as described in the notation below. This ensures that your radio control system does not get hit by interference. The receiver should be wrapped in foam and the foam should be secured around the receiver nanual hold it in place. Page 10 The Trainer system in the VG transmitter allows you to connect any two Airtronics RD series transmitters together for the purpose of training a new pilot. Reception can be blocked if the antenna reception wires are shielded inside a carbon fiber fuselage.

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To the best of our knowledge, these tests were performed using measurement procedures consistent with industry or Commission standards and demonstrate that the equipment complies with the appropriate standards. Page You should set the packaging aside for use if you ever need to send your radio in for service, or to store your radio in case you do not plan to use it for an extended period of time.

The VG is packed with all of the capabilities that the beginner as well as the more advanced modelers demand. It has the features available to get the most out of any type of model. We recommend that you charge the transmitter battery while installed with the supplied ATX charger, Part Z. If the throttle stick is not in the low position, when you turn it on, you will hear a continuous beeping sound and the display will read HI.

To adjust stick length, hold Part B with your fingers and unscrew Part A counterclockwise to loosen the two pieces. Page 9 NiCd battery pack and antenna. Be careful to line the battery charging port pins when replacing the back cover.

Page 10 The Trainer system in the VG transmitter allows you to connect any two Airtronics RD series transmitters together for the purpose of training a new pilot.

Page 11 Airtronics has invested a large amount of design effort to ensure that the powerful capabilities of the VG are as simple as possible to use. This manual has been written to offer the user complete instructions for fixed wing aircraft models. You only need to read the introduction section and the one that applies to your type of model. By moving the Dual Rate Elevator switch you can see the 1 and 2 turn off and on in conjunction with the switch location 1 or 2.

EPA is available on all channels and should only be used to fine tune maximum servo movement. All of your linkages and control surfaces should be as close as possible to the model specifications before decreasing or increasing EPA. REV is available on all channels. You will use two servos on two seprate channels to mix both ailerons and elevator together using only the left and right wing controls. What differential does is actually change the amount of aileron movement percentage between the aileron being in the up position compared to the down position.

By using the Flap to Elevator mix, you can change the way the aircraft reacts when the flaps are lowered by adding a small amount of down elevator. Page 20 All settings are saved automatically on all models. All trims, mixes, servo directions, etc. The VG will not lose any memory even if you were to remove the main battery.

All your setting are saved in a eprom chip that does not need any type of battery to hold its memory. The throttle cut feature will do just that. To set you throttle cut first you must make sure the throttle is working properly and it will come to a low idle. Page 22 Your battery is rated at 9. On a fully charge battery, you may see the voltage as high as Always recharge at this point.



Got it, continue to print. This equipment has been tested in accordance with the. Check to ensure that the antenna wires are correctly mounted. Under no circumstances should the antenna reception wires be mounted parallel to each other. Do not pull on the receiver antenna wires with force. When installing the receiver, the antenna reception wires the thin tip at the end of the coaxial cables should not come into contact with any carbon or metal components conductive components. Page 20 All settings are saved automatically on all models.


Airtronics VG6000 Radio control

Teramar Do not cut or extend the receiver antenna wires. Failure to mount the receiver antenna wires as described can result in poor reception, or in some cases, complete loss of reception. Programmable Fg Safe is available on channels 1 through 4 only. Page 9 NiCd battery pack and antenna. Take appropriate measures to protect against vibration and moisture. Please contact Airtronics Customer Service.


AIRTRONICS VG6000 Instruction Manual



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