Some of the internally implemented circuits are an undervoltage lockout UVLO , featuring a start-up current of less than 1 mA, and a precision reference trimmed for accuracy at the error amplifier input. Other internal circuits include logic to ensure latched operation, a pulse-width modulation PWM comparator which also provides current-limit control , and a totem-pole output stage designed to source or sink high-peak current. Major differences between members of these series are the UVLO thresholds and maximum duty-cycle ranges. The corresponding typical thresholds for the TLx and TLx devices are 8. Please be aware that an important notice concerning availability, standard warranty, and use in critical applications of Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet.

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Zoloktilar Most orders ship within 48 hours of this date. Flow Chart for Initialization and Operation Rev. The write to the frequency register occurs after both words have been loaded. This control bit allows the user to continuously load the MSBs or LSBs of a frequency register ignoring the remaining 14 bits.

Bit DB13 identifies which phase register is being loaded. For example, the DAC can be powered down when a clock output is being generated. The comparator can be used to generate a square wave from the sinusoidal DAC output. Please Select a Language. The wideband SFDR gives the magnitude of the largest harmonic or spur relative to the magnitude of the fundamental frequency in the 0 to Nyquist bandwidth.

The accumulator simply scales the range of phase numbers into a multibit digital word. The endpoints of the transfer function are zero scale, a point 0. Capability for datasgeet modulation and frequency modulation is provided.

This is the acceptable operating range of the device. RESET does not reset the phase, frequency, or control registers. We do take orders for items that zd not in stock, dayasheet delivery may be scheduled at a future date. Once an order has been placed, Analog Devices, Inc. The Sample button will be displayed if a model is available for web samples.

Refer to the AN Application Note for more information. The serial clock can have a frequency of 40 MHz maximum. Control Register DB15 0 Rev.

Following the NCO, a phase offset can be added to perform phase modulation using the bit phase registers. In this technique, the component side of the board is dedicated to ground planes and signals are placed on the other side. See Table 9 to select a phase register. Model The model number is a specific version of a generic that can be purchased or sampled. Full data on the AD can be datzsheet in the AD data sheet available from Analog Devices and should be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board.

For specifications that do not specify a grade, the value applies to both grades. Because datashret the various output options available from the part, the AD can be configured to suit a wide variety of applications. With the on-board comparator, the device can be used to generate a square wave.

This is outlined in Table 8 and Table 9. Note however, that consecutive bit writes to the same frequency register are not allowed, switch between frequency registers xd do this type of function. If a frequency sweep, or something similar, is required, it is recommended that users alternate between the two frequency registers. The synchronizing clock remains active, meaning that the selected frequency and phase registers can also be changed either at the pins or by using the control bits.

Sample availability may be better than production availability. Related Posts



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