Every Model. Totally Free to Download and Enjoy. Owners Manuals for Every Corvette Model by Year We come across a lot of material when we research Corvette models including the original Corvette owners manuals. While our list is nowhere near complete contact us if you have an owners manual we are missing , we do have a bunch of owner manuals we wanted to share.

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Much of the Corvette design and engineering teams would now be actively engaged in testing the next generation sports car so, for its second-to-last model year, the C4 Corvette received only minor enhancements. The LT1 Engine received a number of performance upgrades that boosted engine output to bhp.

Mechanically, the already robust LT1 engine received additional refinements. The connecting rods were revised to improve strength and weight uniformity, the engine fan was made quieter, and the fuel injection system was improved to utilize alcohol-blend fuels, which began to have an increased appearance at gas pumps around the world at about that same time.

Additionally, the new fuel injectors were developed to reduce fuel dripping when the engine was turned off. Beyond the engine, additional mechanical improvements were also made to the drive train and other areas of the car.

The electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission was refined to provide smoother shifting, and the torque converter was made stronger and lighter. This system would reduce wheel slippage by controlling the brakes during driving conditions where control of the vehicle might be compromised. All Corvettes also received a ride improvement with the introduction of the less-stiff DeCarbon gas-charged shocks. This is one of the only distinguishing cosmetic differences between the two model years.

Beyond this single physical change, the only other cosmetic differences involved the introduction of a new paint color — Dark Purple Metallic, which replaced the depleted Copper and Black Rose metallic paints Inside the interior, the changes were equally few. Torn leather had become an increasingly common problem amongst consumers of the C4 Corvette , and so this response to address the tearing issue was well received. Aside from the stitching, all of the other modifications to the interior were invisible or carefully concealed away.

The CD player was given a stronger mounting bracket to prevent skipping. Several adhesive-fabric straps were installed in key places around the cabin to help reduce rattles, a problem that is commonplace to most Corvette owners.

One interesting change that was introduced in the model year was the introduction of an option that actually deleted equipment off of the car. After a near-stock LT1 Corvette Convertible paced the Indy in — which was only the third time Corvette had ever been bestowed with this honor — Chevrolet decided to commemorate the occasion by producing a specially optioned Pace Car Replica.

In the running of the 24 Hours of LeMans, the Corvette racing teams would dominate the Porsche teams in both qualifying and finishing results. The car featured an all-white convertible top, specially embroidered headrests, and unique graphics and trim. The last C4 ZR-1 Corvette ever built. It rolled off the assembly line on April 28, The last C4 ZR-1 was driven off the assembly line on April 28, , resulting in a total number of 6, units being built during its six year production run.

As for the base coupe and convertible, the total sales numbers decreased to 20, units for the model year — even after dealerships began discounting prices to try and entice more buyers to purchase a Corvette.

This is the last C4 ZR-1 Corvette ever built. It was delivered to the Corvette Museum, where it can still be seen today. However, it was reported that Lotus engineers had begun work in on an improved LT5 engine that would have produced between and horsepower.

Whatever the ultimate reason for discontinuing the ZR-1 — a report in AutoWeek summed the supercar up perfectly. With rocket-sled acceleration, mastiff grip, and right-now brakes, the ZR-1 has the largest performance envelope of any mass-produced American car ever built. It also has the amenities and acceleration of a modern passenger car and none of the temperament of a race car. We may never see the likes of it again.


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